Friday, November 8, 2013

Fish is Fish

Where can I find this book? Fish is Fish  Book level? ATOS 3.7

A young fish and young tadpole are friends, but then the frog grows up and is able to leave the pond. The frog sees all these things, that the fish has never seen. The fish imagines these to have fish bodies and adds the information from frog. He uses his schema to come up with a picture of these items. One day fish tries to leave the pond and is gasping for breath on the shore. Frog saves him by pushing him into the water, and fish decides that he lives in the most beautiful place.

STEM Challenges:
- students can design a way for fish to be able to experience being on land
- students can create their own animal with adaptations that can live on land, in water, in the desert, in the cold, etc.
- students can imagine certain objects that are described by a partner
- blind build and the importance of details

What materials could be used?

Other books/resources to supplement lesson:

- adaptations
- compare/contrast
- details
- ecosystems
- animals
- directions
- wants/needs

Grade levels appropriate for this lesson: K-2

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