Friday, November 8, 2013

Not a Box

Where can I find this book? STEM Lab  Book level? ____________

In this story, the narrator, a bunny, is adamant that the box he has is so much more than just a box. He is continuously asked what he is doing in/with/on a box, but it is NOT a box. He uses his imagination to make it into something more!

STEM Challenges:
- change a box into something else
- use an index card/square/rectangle to make it into something different
- create a cardboard arcade

What materials could be used?
- boxes
- paper/cardboard/notecard

Other books/resources to supplement lesson:
- Roxaboxen
- Caine's Arcade

- discuss squares and rectangles
- discuss 3D and 2D shapes
- could have them create the box into something with a science or social studies concept
- arrays
- area and perimeter

Grade levels appropriate for this lesson: K-5

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