Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey Trouble

Where can I find this book?  (Ms. Czerney has it) Book level? Kindergarten

It is almost Thanksgiving and turkey is getting worried. Instead of waiting to become dinner, the turkey decides to disguise himself as the other animals because surely Farmer Jake won't eat any of them for Thanksgiving. Then by the end of the book, he is hiding in the garden and gets an idea. He disguises himself as a pizza delivery man!

STEM Challenges:
- disguise the turkey as another animal
- disguise the turkey as another animal, need to have at least one part of their disguise pop off the page
- hide the turkey through camouflage
- dress the turkey up in a costume
- have them engineer how to create a turkey and hide it around the school. writing: give directions as to how to find it or clues where it is for students to follow

What materials could be used?
- 2D on paper color and disguise the turkey
- craft materials to make a turkey and hide it
- 3D recycling/building materials to make a turkey and disguise

Other books/resources to supplement lesson:
- animal nonfiction texts on grade level to help students improve

- 2D and 3D objects
- animal knowledge/adaptations
- counting: give requirements or make math problems

Grade levels appropriate for this lesson: K-2

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