Friday, November 8, 2013

Perfect Square

Where can I find this book? STEM Lab  Book level? ATOS 2.2, Lexile AD470L

Narrated from the perspective of a square, this square is perfect. Each day a different thing happens to the square and it changes itself into something new. This shows creativity and imagination as to what a square can become.

STEM Challenges:
- have students take a square and cut it into pieces, then arrange them into a new picture
Variations/Additions; have them trade pieces so that they have all different colors. Allow them to only cut X amount of times. They need to make it into certain pieces. Could use tangrams. Have them crumble or hole punch, or only rip. Give them additional constraints, they must make a building, or animal, or plant, or pieces have to show a verb, then have them write about it. Use technology to take pictures of their creations and allow them to make multiple masterpieces. Bring all the pieces together to make a mosaic.
Have them measure the square and find its area, perimeter, discuss squared numbers. Look at arrays. View squares in real life and discuss the shape itself.

What materials could be used?
- paper
- ipod
- scissors/markers/glue/tape
- rulers

Other books/resources to supplement lesson:

- area/perimeter
- square numbers
- arrays
- directions
- imagination

Grade levels appropriate for this lesson: K-5

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