Friday, November 8, 2013

the dot

Where can I find this book? TumbleBooks  Book level? ATOS 1.9

Vashti is a little girl who claims she cannot draw. Her teacher empowers her to just try! She of course does not show any effort, and puts a dot on her page, the teacher asks her to sign it. The next day it is framed in the classroom, and Vashti is determined to make a better dot than her first. She continuously improves and creates a whole collection of dots. Then another students comes to her and complements her work, he claims he cannot draw. Vashti has him draw a line, and then... sign it.

STEM Challenges:
- taking something small or a mistake and making it into something new
- have students draw a doodle or design on a page, then switch with a classmate to add to it, then maybe switch again
- have a student start drawing a picture, then have them trade with someone else to finish it
- student 1 can only draw line segments, student 2 can only draw using 2D shapes, student 3 can only add color
- partner a lower grade with an upper grade. Have younger students do marble painting, or using only straight lines, then the upper grade students must create it into a picture
- do small challenges where 1 student draws a design and the other must make it into a picture

What materials could be used?
- paper
- pens/markers/crayons
- water colors/paint
- iPod whiteboard apps

Other books/resources to supplement lesson:
- Beautiful Oops (STEM Lab)

- color theory (water colors)
- perseverance
- improving
- finding strengths
- lines and shapes

Grade levels appropriate for this lesson: K-5

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